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by Webby on Lisa Marie Yoga

I have suffered from chronic back pain, anxiety and depression for most of my adult life and in only weeks of practicing yoga with Lisa I am already feeling physically and mentally better. My back is stronger, my mood is lighter and I really look forward to the class each week.

by Kean Brown on Lisa Marie Yoga

I started Yoga three and a half years ago at Helio's Fitness and Lisa was the teacher who got me started... Big Thank You for that Lisa! She is a great teacher and her classes are Ace! I would highly recommend her classes to anyone and everyone.

by Linzi Mitchell on Lisa Marie Yoga

I love my yoga classes. When Lisa started out back in 2011 I asked her if she would consider accepting me as a disabled person. Thankfully she said yes & so my yoga journey began. Lisa took in the problems to which I suffer from & tells me when I should not practise a move. She is caring, calming & understanding & has proved to me that absolutely ANYONE can do yoga. Thank you Lisa, you're my Saviour xx

by Leona on Lisa Marie Yoga

I love Lisa's classes, its so great that any level can join in. I can't believe how much my health and fitness has improved in just a few months, my back/shoulder pain has pretty much gone! I highly recommend these classes no matter what your fitness level. I always feel invigorated after the class and get a great nights sleep too!

by Nicola on Lisa Marie Yoga

Lisa has a very calming nature and has the ability to teach a wide range of clientele. Her explanations and guidance are second to none. I thoroughly enjoy her classes and would recommend to everyone!!

by Nicola on Lisa Marie Yoga

I love Lisa's classes even after 15 months of going you still never know what she is going to do next and before you know it's the end of the class. Lisa caters for all levels in one lesson it really doesn't matter how advanced you are as she is aware of everyone's level. Before long you will achieve postures you never thought possible and become hooked like me !!

by Rebecca Finlay on Lisa Marie Yoga

Lisa classes are beautifully catered for everyone who attends, whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi her classes help you on your personal journey of development. Lisa can see the potential in people and will get the best out of her students. That's how my experience has been personally and I would encourage anyone to give her classes a go. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain

by Sam Brown on Lisa Marie Yoga

Lisa's yoga classses are by far the best I have ever been to. I also firmly believe that I got pregnant as quickly as I did due to the relaxation I experienced in her classes. I can't wait to get back to doing it. Xxx

by Andrea on Lisa Marie Yoga

So glad I joined Lisa's yoga classes , always do at least 1 per week and try to squeeze in both when I can . Lisa caters to all levels , beginners to more advanced . Come along and give it a go , you won't be sorry .

by Michaela on Lisa Marie Yoga

Lisa's classes are great because they include a lot of poses-some I can do, some I can't. This really keeps up your motivation as you can see how far you've progressed and gives you a goal to work towards. Highly recommended!

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